Hold yourself to a body clock diet for healthier living

The body has an internal clock that considers timings of the meal and a regular healthy diet to keep you fit. This body clock diet pays focus on eatingthe right food at the right time in order to balance the body nutrients with every meal.

The eating plan includes a low fat and protein rich diet with cereals and grains for breakfast and a light mixture of lean protein and low glycemic carbohydrates that is helpful in regulatingthe appetite,sleep, energy level and metabolism of the body.

Reset your body clock

eating schedule.

To live a healthy and fit life, it does not matter how much you eat and exercise but what matters is your eating and sleeping time. Reset the body clock by breaking away the fat cycle and tuning to proper sleeping and eating schedule.

Do little exercise before breakfast as the fats burn efficiently before a meal and include proteins and carbohydrates in the morning diet. Munch protein snack at regular intervals and drink eight to nine glasses of water during the day. Have a light but healthy dinner and make sure to sleep on time every day.Adopting this schedule will help maintain the body clock diet.

Working of the body clock

appropriate amount of sleep

The body clock contains small cells that guide about the time and activity for that particular moment. These cells affect everything you do. For instance, if you adopt an improper eating schedule and do not sleep when the body demands it may cause fatigue and increase in weight that can be a cause for several diseases. On the other hand, sticking to a scheduled diet with appropriate amount of sleep can provide you a healthy body clock.

Exercising in accordance with the body clock


Keeping in mind, the exercise time set by the body clock you can improve the overall physical performance. The best time for exercise is between 3p.m. and 6p.m. as the risk of getting injury is least at that time.Muscle strength is at its peak in the afternoon that improves the ability to grip any object.

Diet is not easy for everybody but a body clock diet has given wonderful solution to women having problem with it. Women faced problem because of deregulated body clock but this diet works with the body. The diet plan includes a regular meal,scheduled sleeping time and ways that will eliminate hunger cravings that you face.

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