Hmm…Tasty honey can treat ulcers too!

Modern medical science still has to learn a lot before vanquishing all the diseases. Dr. Jennifer Eddy has come across such experience. Actually, one of her diabetic patient had developed ulcer on one of his feet and all the efforts of Dr. Jennifer Eddy end up in smoke to treat it. Finally, she resorted to honey, yes that appetizing honey, which gives us mouth-watering experiece.

The results were amazing and just after fourteen month of using honey that wound turned into an unrecognizable black flesh.

Now Eddy dauntlessly says:

I’ve used honey in a dozen cases since then.

Actually, honey possesses anti-bacterial properties.

With the advent of modern medicines the use of such natural but effective medicine has become outdated, however, use of such natural medicines should be encouraged to treat patients.

Image credit: wmconnolley

Via: wired

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