Herbs that boost your memory

The use of plants for medicinal purposes is not new and traditional medicine is still in practice. Many plant-derived compounds are essential components of modern medicines. The chemical compounds in these plants improve brain health, mental cognition and memory. Here are few herbs which, when included in your food, can greatly enhance your memory.

SBX ginkgo-biloba

1.      Gingko biloba:
This herb, also known as maidenhair tree, stimulates heart and improves blood circulation and brain function. It is the best remedy for memory loss due to growing age. You should include the herb as a dietary supplement with the doctor’s recommended dosage.

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2.      Bacopa monnieri:
Bacopa monnieri or Thyme-leaved Gratiola is a small creeping herb. It is well known as a stimulant that increases the release of a neurotransmitter, GABA.  A 200 mg to 400 mg i.e. two tsp to four tsp dose is generally recommended.

3.      Ginseng:
It has long been used in herbal medicines. It is known to gently stimulate and strengthen the central nervous system and improve mental ability and mental function. Studies have proven that drinking ginseng tea is very beneficial.

4.      Rosemary:
This decorative plant serves both, culinary and medicinal purposes. It has high amount of carnosic acid, which is an effective antioxidant and improves memory by dilating cerebral vascular tissues. Studies show that it is especially useful for sharpening the memories of office workers.

5.      Croton lechleri, Dragon’s blood:
This herb effectively breaks down the enzymatic substances that cause and are responsible for memory-associated problems. Thus, the intake of the herb helps in increasing memory storage. Recommended dosage is 1 – 1.5 gm dose per day.

6.      Gotu kola:
This herb is an effective mental enhancer and helps to improve mental attention and concentration. Using the herb as your dietary supplement will help you to get rid of attention deficiency and other memory related issues.

7.      Rhodiola:
A remarkable herb helps your immune system to work better. It boosts memory while increasing concentration skills. It has a reputation of stimulating the nervous system. A 100 gm dose of rhodiola rosea per day will surely bring you noticeable results.

8.      Vincopectine:
Vincopectine is a natural blood thinner, which helps to sharpen our memory. It is known to improve blood circulation.


Herbs are no less than the conventional medicines and will help you the best to get rid of all your memory related problems.

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