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Healthy snacks you can chow on your workstation

Healthy Snacks

One habit that most of us have is munching on to chips,bars of chocolate etc at our desk. We feel nibbling just a little is not going to do any harm.Actually, this unhealthy eating habit can only lead to weight gain and can be bad for your health. Here are a few healthy snacks that you can eat at your desk.

Nutritious Seeds all the way

These are one of the best healthy snacks that one can munch onto. You can keep sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds and the like on your desk. They are filling and healthy but make sure you have unsalted variety.

Go a little nutty

Unsalted nuts like peanuts, almonds and walnuts are definitely healthy. But one needs to eat them in limited quantity as they are high in calories. You can keep small packets in your bag so that you don’t eat too much in one go.

Seriously cereals for the brain

Any desk job needs that application of brain. Therefore, it is important that the brain gets its required share of nutrition for it to function well. Therefore, one can have cereals like bran flakes which have low glycemic index and are good for the brain. Cereals also help in improving concentration.

Cake at the desk

Sounds yummy.Now let’s make it sound healthy. Go for brown rice cakes. This is truly a healthy snack option. Instead of eating chips and wafers it is always sensible to have cakes made from brown rice. Make sure you take the plain variety and not the sweet or the salted variety.

Pop it up with popcorn

Popcorns are an all-time favourite. But when we talk about healthy snack options for you to eat at your desk remember that you have to opt for the homemade unsalted option. Also, added butter is an absolute no. Also, make sure that you don’t pop up the microwave ones they will only do more harm than good.

Plate it up with fruits

Fresh fruits are one of the best and healthiest snack options. Just much an apple or banana or have a plate of watermelon. It will satiate the sugar cravings,will help to get rid of the hunger pangs and will keep you healthy. For a little variety, you may also have dried fruits like apricots,figs etc but have dried fruits in limited quantity.

Keep these healthy snacks in your drawer. Whenever you are hungry while doing your work don’t go for that buttery and fried stuff. Instead, eat these healthy snacks which will keep you and your brain fit.

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