Health benefits of walnuts in dealing with prostate cancer

In a recent statistical report published by the American Cancer Society, it has been noted that prostate cancer was responsible for the death of over 27360 Americans in 2009, with over 192,280 new cases being diagnosed during this period. This clearly reiterates the fact that prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer to affect American men, second only to skin cancer. Prostate cancer also happens to have the highest cancer mortality rate second only to lung cancer. Studies also reveal that one in every six men would definitely be diagnosed with the condition during their lifetime.

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In contrast to reports that it cannot be treated, prostate cancer is a highly preventable disease for the most part. While some forms of the cancer are aggressive and spread to even remote areas of the body, other forms remain dormant and localized within the body, posing no harm to the individual’s life. Studies have often attributed the growth of prostate cancer to improper diets containing excess sugar and hydrogenated fats. Prolonged exposure to pollutants both indoors and outdoors leads to prostate cancer in certain cases.

The benefits of walnuts in treating prostate cancer

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Researchers have found out that making subtle changes to one’s diet can help prevent prostate cancer to a large extent. One necessary food every man out there needs to incorporate into his existing diet is the walnut.

Studies have confirmed that regular walnut consumption can help reduce the growth of prostate cancer in individuals. Consuming walnuts is also said to have manifold benefits on multiple genes in the body, which control metabolism and tumor growth. Walnuts also contain high levels of antioxidants and beneficial fats that help lower the occurrence of prostate cancer.

In addition to this, walnuts are known to have other health benefits for the body, including treating conditions like cognitive decline, heart disease, weight management, reproductive health and blood lipid optimization.

Research on walnut and its link with prostate cancer


Research conducted by a study team at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio indicates the possibility of eradicating prostate cancer with just a handful of nuts. As per the results of the study, which was published in the Cancer Investigation journal, it has been noted that eating just a small amount of walnuts every day can help protect men against the various forms of prostate cancer.

This is not surprising considering the fact that past research has linked walnut consumption to the reduction of other forms of cancer like breast cancer in women. As such, the study aimed to find the difference between a walnut enriched diet as opposed to a non walnut diet in inhibiting cancer growth.

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The research team used a mouse model to check the effects of the walnut enriched diet on prostate cancer. Immune-deficient mice were divided into two equal groups and injected with human prostate cancer cells. In a few weeks, the mice started developing tumors. The two groups were then fed a walnut rich and non walnut rich diet respectively. At the end of the study period, it was noted that the only three of the sixteen mice that ate a walnut rich diet developed prostate cancer while in the opposite group that was fed a non walnut diet, over fourteen of the thirty two mice developed prostate cancer. Translate that into figures and we have an outstanding 18% in group I as opposed to 40% in group II.

It was also noted that the size of the tumors in the mice that were fed a walnut rich diet were considerably smaller than the tumors in the mice that were fed a non-walnut diet. The study was conducted with just the normal proportion of walnuts humans can consume on a daily basis as well.

The research team concluded that including walnuts in one’s diet can therefore surely help him stay safe from prostate as well as other forms of cancer for extended periods. Two ounces of walnuts are all one needs on a daily basis to help treat and prevent prostate cancer effectively.


It has been noted that eating walnuts on a regular basis can help men stay safe from prostate cancer for many years to come. The anti-cancerous properties of walnuts also help treat other forms of cancer like breast cancer. Two ounces of walnuts a day can effectively keep prostate cancer at bay.

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