Health benefits from Lemons

Lemon has many healthy nutrients that can keep your body fit and fine. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning can help cleanse your inner body. This is a natural refresher as compared to the addictive tea or coffee, which also harm the body. Lemonade can be a great companion for the summers and keep your fresh and hydrated. Apart from this, there are other advantages of having lemons in your daily intake. Read on to know more health benefits of lemons:


Improve immune system

Vitamin C is in rich quantities in lemon. This antioxidant element can not only help improve respiration but also improves the immunity. Lemons contain ascorbic acid, which has anti inflammatory properties which prevents asthma or other respiratory problems. Sapnonins in lemons are antimicrobial in nature and keep you away from cold.

 Tea … don't drink more than a gallon a day.

Improves alkaline levels in the body

Lemons contain rich elements that help in alkalizing the body. They comprise of ascorbic acid and citric acid, which increase the mineral content and thus alkalize the body.


Improves digestion

Being citrus in nature, lemons are considered as a natural digestive tonic globally. Many include lemon juice in their everyday meal. In some parts, after having meal lemon and salt are sucked to help the food digest. It also stimulates and purifies the liver and aid digestion. Moreover, being rich in Vitamin C it prevents peptic ulcers that are caused by bacteria.


Improve skin tone:

Free radical damage is prevented by the intake of lemon, since it comprises of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. This damage is majorly caused due to the UV rays from the sun. Hence, it is advisable to increase the proportion of lemon intake during summers. It not only improves the skin tone but also prevent ageing and wrinkles. It removes the scars and spots caused by pimples. Hence dry lemon skin powder is often used to make skin packs. Being an intoxicant, lemon removes all the toxins from the body thus purifying the blood.


Improve Healing

Vitamin C, which is highly found in lemon helps heal wounds and is necessary to develop connective tissues and improve the strength of the bones and cartilage. .Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and hence should be induced in the body in case of any wounds or cuts. Healing wounds can be accelerated by the intake of lemon regularly.


A single glass of lemon juice has many internal and external benefits to the body. It not only improves your skin, but also the immune system and heals the body of any wounds or cuts.

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