Having Lavender Plants in Your Room Is a Simple Step to Your Overall Wellness

Plants have known to induce long lasting benefits in people, especially when they are in close vicinity. Apart from their medicinal and other benefits, plants are capable of being advantageous just with their presence. As they are aromatic and lovely to look at, there are quite a few benefits that you can avail from plants.

Lavender is one such plant belonging to the mint species which is known for its extremely beneficial qualities.  It is used as herb, for medicinal purposes, for beauty and also for imparting fragrance. The beautiful and soothing colour, lavender, derives its name from the plant itself. Speaking of lavender plant, here are a few reasons why placing one lavender plant in your room might actually be a good idea for boosting your health and overall wellbeing.
Hydrating the skin:


Lavender flowers are known to provide soothing and relaxing effect to the skin. They also moisturize and hydrate it. Keep a spray bottle with lavender flowers immersed in it handy near your bedside table. You can make it a routine to spray a little of that water onto your skin a couple of times a day to keep your skin soft, supple and smooth. You can replace your chemical moisturizers with this lavender lotion and see your skin changing for the better. Eczema and acne can also be cured with this potion.
Maintaining good hair quality:

Having-Lavender-PlantLavender is quite capable of improving your hair quality. It aids in getting rid of dandruff and other issues. You simply need to brew a few lavender leaves the same way as tea is brewed. You can then use this mixture to apply on your scalp and hair to better the quality of it. Lavender- based shampoos may not provide the same effects as this, since they are commercially manufactured with other chemical components.
Anti-inflammatory benefits:


Using lavender on swollen skin tissues can very efficiently bring it back to normal. It is also coupled with plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits which play a major role in its healing process. You can add a few lavender flowers and leaves to your warm bath water and soak yourself in it for a long time. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory aspects of lavender will heal your body of any cuts and bruises, and will leave you feeling fresh, relaxed and energetic. It is important to repeat this procedure several times a month to ensure that your body stays fit, healthy and young for long.

Anti-septic benefits:

Having-Lavender-PlantThe anti-septic properties of lavender are quite prevalent. It is easy to treat a wound and a septic infection with lavender oil than with any other ointment or lotion. It can even counter fungal infections to a large extent. It destroys fungal cells and their strains completely so that no more fungal infection takes place. With plenty of considerable scientific evidence backing it up, lavender is proved to accelerate the healing procedure after fungal infection.

Addressing Insomnia:

Having-Lavender-PlantInsomnia can also be correctly addressed by using lavender leaves.  You simply need to brew them like tea and consume the potion. It works like charm and induces relaxing and soothing effects. You feel better and calm, and much more relaxed than before. This will also significantly improve your sleeping pattern and even the quality of your sleep. Make sure to be regular with this till you attain the best results. Depression and restlessness can also be considerably benefitted with the lavender drink. Anxiety and worry, and other mental disorders can also be easily addressed with lavender and its products.

After thoughts:

Having-Lavender-PlantOwing to the health benefits of lavender, there are plenty of products designed which follow the same formula and claim to give the same results. For example, there are lavender oils and lavender shampoos available everywhere in the market, which, apparently, give similar benefits as natural raw lavender.

But since these products are manufactured commercially with a hint of chemicals in them, they cannot be completely relied upon to give the same benefits and results as natural lavender leaves and flowers. Hence, it is a good idea to always keep a lavender plant in your room to benefit yourself from it.

After all, why wouldn’t you want the best of plants at your disposal?

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