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Don’t let plaque and tartar rob you of your smile


Bacterial formation can play havoc with your dental health and they speed up building a sticky plaque on your teeth especially in between tooth gaps. Your dental set gets weakened culminating in tooth degeneration and gum disorders.

For obvious reasons, it leads to bad breath too owing to bacterial action. You suffer from pain as well as social embarrassment. Tartar is pervious encouraging plaque to seep through giving an ugly coat around your gums.

The bacterial infection leaves harmful acids and eats away your tooth enamel depriving your dental set of the required layer of protection. Ignoring building of plaque and tartar can end up with dire consequences inviting chronic gingivitis, which is way too menacing for your dental health.

So, before it is too late, we should focus on a few simple ways to keep plaque and tartar at bay and lend our dental set the much needed support to ensure a long life. Here we go with a few simple tips for guarding our teeth against plaque:

Grow the habit to brush your teeth twice daily:

brush your teeth

After every meal, one should brush teeth holding the brush at a 45-degree angle to your gum. Brush with gentle circular motions applying a mild pressure to wash away the tiny bits of food locked inside inviting bacteria. Especially important is brushing after dinner to prevent settling of food particles enabling the bacterial action throughout the night.

Clean between your teeth:

Clean between your teeth

Make it a point while brushing to clean between your teeth to knock off the food particles as plaque gets planted in between tooth gaps. Flossing with dental picks, pre-threaded flosses, water flosses or wooden plaque removers at least once in a day, is strongly recommended.

Swish with mouthwash:


Mouthwash contains antibacterial agents that helps soften the plaque. However, it should be used according to the users’ requirement. Alcohol-based mouthwash is a no-no. It dries up the mouth cavity providing a breeding ground for plaque building.

Avoid sugary and starchy food:

quit sugar for good

Bacteria are lured by sugar. The more you eat sugary food the more your teeth will face bacterial invasion. Starchy food too contains generous quantities of sugar. So say goodbye to potato chips, carbonated soft drinks, white breads, sticky candies and alcohol. Certainly, tooth disaster far outweighs the temptation of these starchy trashes.

Visit the dentist twice in a year:


Brushing your teeth following correct techniques is not enough. Your dentist, with his professional expertise, has far more access to your set of teeth which you don’t have. They can locate the flaw in your dental health and advise quick remedies.

Sip green tea, cranberry juice and red wine:


These drinks have one substance in common and that is polyphenols. This chemical mitigates the formation of plaque and blocks entry of bacteria that spawn on your dental set eventually working up an ugly cavity. Oral bacteria discharges a harmful acid that eats into your tooth enamel making the teeth set vulnerable. Polyphenols take care of the issue ensuring your dental set a longer life.

Consumption of olive oil:

Ozonated olive oil

Olive oil has a beneficial effect on your dental health as it counteracts the formation of plaque. It contains oleuropein, a compound with antibacterial properties that helps combat gum disorders and tooth decay.

The oil insulates your teeth with a film of fat molecules and blocks the formation of plaque. It neutralizes the harmful effects of acids secreted by bacteria. The curative oil is blessed with anti-cavity properties and doesn’t allow a bed of plaque bury your teeth and speed up its eventual doom.

Use of fluoridated toothpaste:

 fluoridated toothpaste

Fluoride present in toothpaste helps in strengthening your tooth enamel. It helps you keep your gum strong and prevents tooth decay. This is the reason that most toothpaste brands available in market use the fluoride formula.

Cleaning with baking soda

baking soda

Cleaning your teeth with baking soda can prevent plaque and tartar formation. Similar benefits can be achieved by using orange rinds or scrubbing your teeth with a mix of Aloe Vera and glycerin.

Eating fruits and vegetables:


Lastly, the consumption of fruits and vegetables ensure your gum health, and make your dental set robust and glossy. Pick up the habit of munching celery sticks and carrots and observe the enhanced glow of your pearly set.

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