Have chocolate for a great sex life

As we all know the fact that chocolate is the 1st substitute to sex for women, very few of us know the reason behind it. The amount of active concupiscence that it produces is more effective than any other medicine available in market. Some doctors say that sweat stuffs like chocolate contains a compound called Phenyl ethylamine(PEA).This releases same amount of mood-altering endorphins that over flows our bodies while doing sex or any intensifying feelings of attraction of the same level as sex , says Doc Lori Buckley Psy.D who is a certified sex therapist.


We all want our nights to be memorable every day with our life partner. So we try to please them with roses, jewelleries, diamonds and all those things which have got nothing to do with her inner longing of attraction & to be precise sex. But all these efforts go in vain as we don’t understand the real mechanism behind sex and its overall satisfaction .Treating our partners with some cubes of chocolates is the best prescribed way to arouse 10 times more sexual attraction than normal, according to a study from an Italian university shown in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Women who ate at least 1 or 2 chocolate cubes experienced more sexual activity than who don’t binge. Sometimes we want that extra bit of kinkiness in our partners to even stimulate our sexual cravings. We also knew that the amount of PEA absorbed from indulging on a few truffles is mild & ephemeral however we like eating chocolates irrespective of our age and gender as it gives us the joy of tasting its heavenly flavour with our tongue and teeth. As we know its benefits, we should also share it with our loved ones. Turning down the limit of cholesterol in our heart valves is also other medicinal benefit of chocolate.     So from now on we should think about pleasing our life partners with something sweet that they can enjoy with all their senses and derive even more enjoyment from it and also transfer that enjoyment to us. Chocolate is one such sweet thing that gives women same amount of stimulation as they would get by indulging in a sexual intimacy. These journals give us the knowledge that would help us endure lot complicacy related to that ever longed heavenly physical relation with our partners.

So try the ever helpful chocolate therapy.

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