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A global platform towards healthcare incentives for women

A global platform towards healthcare incentives for women


Women are the chain to bridge the gap of development between various nations. Women’s health care is therefore a top priority for most nations today. It is when the women of today are healthy only then tomorrow’s workforce will be bright and efficient. Women’s health care has to be of high quality for women guards the future of every nation. On a global platform, many actions and initiatives are taken to ensure the good health of women, the bigger question is if these are enough.

Researchers and advocates say there are still lags for optimal treatment for women on a number of fronts. This is the reason that National/International institutes of health and food and drug administration are including women in more and more of their medical research.

Specialized attention towards women in providing health care services is an incentive that would work best for every nation. The federal policies of the governments can bring out a global reform in improving the healthcare of women. Health care towards women needs improvement, and focus needs to be on major diseases like:

Cancer: Women are victim to types of cancer that generally aggravate the problems for the female sex alone like breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and skin cancer. On the global front, research has to done to help them combat the disease that affects many lives.

Diabetes: Focus should be more in providing preconception care to women with diabetes or a history of gestational diabetes to promote healthier birth outcomes and reduce complications.

Osteoporosis: A very large number of women face this problem. Implications should be made on providing osteoporosis-related diagnostic and treatment services, including bone density measurement, other diagnostic tests, and effective medications.

Initiatives in improving women health care:

Community Initiatives: This includes establishing and maintaining women’s health programs and supporting community initiatives and infrastructure to promote physical activity. It helps in encouraging communities to create healthier environments for residents.

Employer Initiatives:  This refers to creating a wellness program worksite, within the legislature, state health department, or state employee benefit program and considering a tax credit for employers that offer certified wellness programs.

Nutrition Initiatives: This is to encourage healthy food systems especially for women.

Women’s health care is the need of the hour and needs personalized efforts in making women health care better and quality-oriented. Incentives like ObamaCare which gives 47 million women access to guaranteed protective health care services, prove to be much of a success in this regard. Such actions and policies need to be formulated globally so that it lifts up the global scenario of women’s health care.


Women’s health care is the priority for all the nations for their growth patterns highly dependent upon the health of their women. Thus, the formulation of the policy formulations to improve women’s health care should be global and effective.

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