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Effective diet to fight cavities

Our oral health is more important than we realize as our mouth, teeth, and gums can affect our general health. Oral health of an individual can offer various clues about his overall health and many oral problems can affect our overall health. It is vital to understand the intimate connection between oral health and overall health.Close-up of pretty girl eating fresh vegetable salad

Our body is full of bacteria as good bacteria help to make us healthy and bad bacteria can cause multiple diseases. Like our body, our mouth is also teeming with bacteria and most of them are harmless. Some bad bacteria can harm our teeth and oral health but natural body’s defense system or good oral care, such as daily brushing and flossing can keep harmful bacteria under control. Not taking proper care of your mouth can lead to cavity and oral infections. Our food habits also play an important role in our oral health and for this, it is vital to include healthy foods in your daily meal. Following foods can help you to maintain your oral health.

Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D

Vitamin D and calcium are essential to make your teeth healthy. You can add foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium to your diet. These foods include sugar free dairy items and fish. Calcium is an essential as it makes teeth strong and cavity free.


Cheese is considered excellent for oral health as it is rich in calcium and can prevent tooth decay. Cavity takes place when the pH value of our mouth rises and dairy items can control the pH value and can restrict the formation of the plaque. The cheese also consists of calcium phosphate, which can promote oral health by balancing the acidic value in our mouth.

Drinks to fight cavities


Drinks like tea, water, and wine can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Green tea and black tea contains powerful antioxidants that can reduce plaque and can protect your teeth from cavity. It is also contain fluoride, which can eliminate bad breath. Water helps in the production of saliva and hydrates your gums. Apart from this, wine can prevent cavities and can improve your oral health. It can fight bacteria and can slow down the formation of plaque.

Fruits and vegetables

An apple a day can keep your mouth healthy and cavity free. Apple is very helpful for the formation of saliva and it can lowers down the formation of cavity. Vitamin A can also prevent tooth decay and including carrots in your daily meal can be good for healthy tooth enamel.

oral health affects our overall health

How our oral health affects our overall health?

There is a synergic relationship between oral health and our overall health as many oral diseases can affect our body. It can lead to problems like diabetes, cardiac problems, respiratory diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis. A person with oral problems cannot stay on proper diet as his bad oral health conditions can create many problems to eat food.

Tips to maintain good oral health

  • Healthy eating habits can play a big role to prevent multiple oral problems. It is vital to avoid fast food, sticky food, and foods that contain high sugar as they can lead to cavity.
  • Regular visits to the dentist can keep you away from many types of oral problems. He can suggest you best food and ways to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Soda and smoking are bad for your teeth as they can make your teeth enamels soft and prone to many oral problems. Smoking can make your teeth look ugly and it can harm your lungs too.


Healthy teeth and gums lead to healthy life. There is a direct connection between our oral health and our overall health. Therefore, it is vital to keep your mouth healthy in order to stay away from cardiac, respiratory, and digestive problems.

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