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The presence or absence of pain can be measured by a diagnostic tool.

The presence or absence of pain can be measured by a diagnostic tool that is being worked on, scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine claimed. They have stated that the first step… View »

Thousands of women can be saved with various new technique.

It has been stated that attempts to light up diseased cells during surgery are one and this could save thousands of women with ovarian cancer.   A study has figured out that earlier tumors that… View »

Conference aims to facilitate knowledge sharing of new developments in diabetic foot care and address the growing global healthcare challenges resulting from uncontrolled diabetes

Press Release   Dubai Health Authority Brings Together Global Experts at 2nd International Diabetic Foot Conference Conference aims to facilitate knowledge sharing of new developments in diabeti… View »

Increased Health Spending Wiped Out American Families’ Income Gains.

September 8, 2011 — Steadily rising healthcare costs are exacting a heavy financial toll on many families, leaving them with less and less disposable income while increasing the federal deficit,… View »

Virus attack: Deadly germ drama hits with merciless realism.

The disaster movie typically comes with quakes, asteroids, tornadoes or aliens ripping the planet to shreds and manly heroes tossing around wisecracks as they carry out impossible deeds to save the… View »

FDA advisers push anti-clotting drug.

TRENTON — Outside advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted Thursday to recommend that the agency approve a new anti-clotting drug developed by Johnson & Johnson and partner Bayer Health… View »

TMC Life Science targets medical tourism.

PETALING JAYA: TMC Life Sciences Bhd is targeting medical tourism to be a major contributor its revenue in the next three years as it seeks to become profitable, its chief executive officer Francis L… View »

Global Kidney Stone Management Devices Industry.

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:   Global Kidney Stone Management Devices Industry http://www.r… View »

Manchester medical student loses personal data of 87 patients.

Hospital trusts apparently need to take some steps to ensure the security the patients’ personal data which can be accessed by medical students on a placement at a hospital — with the need for such… View »

Aggressive medical treatment without stenting better for high-risk stroke patients.

An article appearing in the Sept. 7 New England Journal of Medicine, reporting on National Institutes of Health research on brain stents, says aggressive medical treatment without stenting is better… View »


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