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Gift yourself the benefits of meditation

Gift Yourself With Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is the practice of attaining a state of extreme relaxation of body and calmness of mind. Regular meditation can not only improve the quality of life but also increase its longevity. It helps you to improve concentration, awareness, self-discipline and mental calm. Meditation works on various levels of life simultaneously i.e. body, mental performance, emotions and relationships.

Physiological Benefits

1. Lowers blood pressure
Research shows that the practice of transcendental meditation for about 20 minute everyday can affect the deposition of fat in arteries. This lowers the blood pressure and is beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension.

2. Boosts the immune system
Meditation increases the brain activity which results in more production of antibodies. This stimulates the immune system and improves its ability to fight against foreign substances.

3. Lowers cholesterol level
Meditation lowers abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the body. This affects the fatty plaque deposits in the arteries and reduces heart risks.

4. Improves airflow
Meditation promotes diaphragmatic breathing. This improves air flow through your lungs which eventually improves oxygen supply to the bloodstream. Proper air supply to body has a wealth of benefits.

5. Cure chronic illness
Meditation prevents or slows down the pains of chronic ailments. It is very helpful for people with migraine problems, asthma and muscle weakness.

Psychological Benefits

1. Reduces stress
Your everyday busy and hectic schedule can make your life very stressful. What is required is to take a little time out and meditate. Cortisol is a natural stress hormone present in the body. Meditation reduces the level of this hormone and de-stresses you.

2. Improves concentration
Regular meditation results in greater coherence and orderliness of brain functioning. It helps to develop a stable frame of mind that improves the ability to focus and concentrate.

3. Increases self esteem
Meditation helps you to understand your inner self better. You can identify your inner potential and build your confidence levels. This results in development of self esteem.

4. Reduces mood swings and irritability
Meditation is the only way to achieve complete inner peace. You develop a feeling of well being. This help to stabilize mood disorders and reduces irritability.

5. Memory and perception
It is believed that memory, grasping power and perceptiveness is innate. But this is not completely true as you can improve upon these qualities by meditating. Regular meditation significantly increases perception, memory and ability to comprehend.

Tips For Meditation
1. Meditation should be done in a quiet place with a sacred ambiance. You should try and meditate at the same place every day.
2. You should meditate in the morning on an empty stomach.
3. Start meditating by setting up a small time goal. You can slowly develop the habit to meditate for a longer time period.
4. Start with one particular practice and continue with it for a few days. Do not jump from one form to another very frequently.
5. Changes do not come in one day. So, you should be patient with your practice. It is a subtle art form and the changes can be seen slowly over a period of time.
6. If you are a beginner then seek instruction in the practice. Do not develop your own method as that might not be beneficial.
7. Meditate with a silent mind. You can synchronize your mind with body only when the thinking process is turned off.

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