Gastritis diet

Digestive system and stomach may face problems due to irritable diet that results in Gastritis. The only way to avoid Gastritis is to stop eating these food items that disturb your immune system. Acidic beverages, alcohol, tobacco, pain relievers and oily foods are usually known to cause Gastritis.

Gastritis Diet

The diet allows an individual to cut down on fat intake. High fat foods cause stomach lining to inflame which is why such foods should be ignored at once. Gastritis Diet is rich in fiber and contains plenty of flavanoids. Here is detailed information on how to take Gastritis Diet and what foods to include in it.

Foods to Include: Plain yogurt can ease the stomach pain and discomfort. Drink carrot and spinach juice daily to bring your immune system back to normal. Other foods to include are banana, coconut water, salads, raw apples, almonds, papaya, molasses, carrots, tomatoes and leafy vegetables. Other fresh vegetables and fruits can also be included in your Gastritis Diet. Whole grain beans are also good as they are high in fiber.

Food to Exclude: Chilies and pepper should be ignored at all costs. Alcohol intake should be reduced to the minimum level. Foods that contain caffeine must be excluded from your daily diet such as colas, cocoa, coffee, chocolates and tea. Onions, garlic and cinnamon intake can be minimized as they cause irritation. Peas, cabbage and milk should be avoided for few days.

Tips to Make Gastritis Diet Effective

  • Don't eat often between two meals. It can aggravate acidity.
  • Switch to no fat products.
  • Chew food more than normal.
  • Eat less than you need to fill your stomach.
  • Add less spice to your foods.
  • Avoid using vinegar while preparing foods during Gastritis Diet.

The only way to get recovery from Gastritis is to continue with the specific diet mentioned above. The specific diet reduces inflammation and irritation while slowly making recovery

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