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Fitness and Recreational Activities Can Lead to Better GPAs for Students

Fitness is the key to good health and it is true for everyone. Recent research show that students benefit a lot for improved fitness levels. It is seen that students joining a sporting team or gym are getting higher grades as compared to other students. The students involved in sports also tend to stay for more time in the school.


Higher GPAs

In a study conducted by Michigan State University, it was found that those who were part of fitness and recreational sports centers of MSU in their freshman years had better GPAs as compared to other students staying in the school for longer durations. The other thing was that this group of students also had 3.5% 2nd year retention rate, which equates to 1,750 students out of 50,000 students deciding to continue into 3rd year in the school.

This signifies that universities can increase their retention rate by adding proper fitness facilities. The study was conducted on more than 4,700 students and GPAs of the students who were part of the fitness facility were compared with those students who were not members in any of the recreational facilities.

It was found that after 4 semesters students with fitness center membership had scored better GPAs and in addition to it, these students had completed more credits in the 1st year of their college. Seventy four percent of the students in the member group were able to gain the sophomore status while the percentage was at sixty for those in the non-member group.

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Improving Fitness Facilities

As we can see, there are many benefits of having fitness and recreational facility. Let us now see how schools can improve such facilities.

Prevent Inactivity:

Many times, there is a lot of inactivity in gym classes where students have to wait for volleyball equipment or set it up properly and wait for their turn to get to bat. In a already short gym class, time is to be managed properly to get the students involved in all the activities.


Improving Fitness:

The activities in the gym are to be created in a manner that they help to keep the students engaged for at least thirty minutes so that their fitness level increases. Some of the activities will include swimming, 4-on-4 soccer and skipping ropes.

Proper Education:

The gym classes should also try to make students more knowledgeable. They should be taught how to cool down and warm up before and after exercises, calisthenics and its right form, strength and aerobic exercises and their difference and how they can create a exercise regime for themselves.

Set up Goals:

Right when a semester starts, all the students need to be put through fitness evaluation and made aware of how to improve their fitness levels. After the semester ends, there should be analysis of how much of the set goals were achieved and which challenges were left unaccomplished.

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Activity at Home:

Students spend a majority of their time at home and you need t set an example for them to follow. As parents, you will have to go with your kids on bike rides, family walks and spend sometime in the evening in the playground. Studies have shown that kids are generally far more active while they are with their parents.

You can also let your kids invite their friends and plan active outings in which the whole friends group can take part.


Increasing physical activity can help the students perform better since it helps to develop their physical as well as mental capabilities and assists them in concentrating more on their studies while they are not playing or any form of recreational activities.

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