Female Hormone 'Estrogen' Also Linked to Aggression!

Testosterone is not the only hormone that stirs up aggression in males but female hormone estrogen and sunlight also play an important role in stirring it up in male mammals, a study conducted by an Ohio State University team has revealed this fact.

Moving ahead with their study these researchers found that during winter season male Oldfield mice were more aggressive while in summer season their aggression was somewhat lesser.

Throwing more light on this study Co-author Brian Trainor, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology and neuroscience, said:

We found that estrogen has totally opposite effects on behavior in these mice, depending only on how much light they got each day. It was quite a surprising finding.

Most of us think that only testosterone is responsible for aggression but this new finding has evinced that in some species estrogen plays an important role in stirring up aggression. This is really an interesting revelation that will definitely enable researches to add a new dimension to medical science.Don’t you think so?

Image credit: hcs

Via: healthfinder

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