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Eyebrows are prominent features of a face and perfectly arched eyebrows add to the attractiveness of a woman. Hair loss also affects eyebrows. The eyebrow hair over the course of time becomes thinner and thinner. Sometimes due to an injury or illness, the eyebrows get affected. Over-plucking, thyroid diseases and genetic disorders also contribute to thinning of eyebrows. and they become conspicuous by their absence. Nowadays eyebrow pencils and make-up are used to restore the thin eyebrows. However, eyebrow hair transplant can provide a permanent solution. They fine tune eyebrows permanently for both men and women. The hair transplant process is almost like the scalp hair transplants. However, unlike the scalp hair transplants the eyebrow hair transplants are more complex, difficult and require skilled surgeons to perform the surgery. Here, we have put together all information youy would require to know for eyebrow hair transplant.

1. Prep

The patient’s donor scalp hair is first cleaned and antibiotics are primed on the follicles. Sometimes the patients are sedated for total comfort during follicle harvesting. If you are sedated, you would not experience the intense pain that accompanies the process.

2. Harvesting

In this step, the scalp hair is harvested from the back or sides of the head. This is done through a process called Follicular Unit Extraction (F. U. E.). The extracted follicles are cleaned of the excess tissue and stored safely. Another technique is the strip technique where donor hairs are obtained from a thin section of the skin and analyzed by microscopic magnification.

3. Transplantation

The transplantation is usually done one or more days after the follicle harvesting has been done. Before the surgery begins, patients are given a dose of local anesthesia. The surgery begins with tiny incisions in the eyebrow areas with the aid of thin needle. This is done to reproduce the pattern of natural growth. The follicle units are then implanted and stitched in the required position. It may take a few hours for the process to be completed as it is dependent on the number of follicles transplanted.

4. Recovery phase

Prior to the transplantation step, you might experience redness, swelling and little bit of itching as the incisions begin to heal. After the surgery, the eyebrow hair and skin should be offered the best protection and total care must be taken while washing the face. After about 3 weeks of the surgery, the donor hair begins to fall to foster the growth of natural hair. In duration of six months time, the natural cycle of eyebrow hair-growth is set.

Though 6 months are required to gauge the success of the surgery, yet the wait and patience is worth it. After all it is your eyebrows and they need that much time to get set. However in some cases, the results may not be satisfactory and might offer some complications. If that is the case, then you need to get in touch with your surgeon immediately to avert any other problems.

Eyebrows are a crucial factor of a person’s appearance which makes it very essential to have them in a proper shape. Eyebrow hair loss could prove a deterrent in the way you look and may lead to lack of self-confidence sometimes. Though eyebrow transplants are being done since many years, yet it has taken the shape of a full-fledged surgery very recently. Since this surgery is complex and has to be handled with absolute caution, you must ensure that the surgeon you choose is highly capable of performing this meticulous surgery.

Before you finalize on getting a hair transplant surgery done, it is better you consult a specialist in this field. He will help you understand if this surgery is required for you and clear all doubts you have about this process. Since this surgery is a pretty new concept, not all surgeons are equipped with the knowledge of performing and advising you about it. Make sure you choose a surgeon who has the right experience and is perfect for the task.

It is better to have no eyebrows than have eyebrows that look bad. If the surgery does not turn out to be successful, then you would have to live with those badly shaped eyebrows for the rest of your life. Don’t hastily decide on a surgeon to perform eyebrow transplant surgery. Do the required research, get a second opinion and then finalize. Make sure you are absolutely sure before you are operated upon.

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