8 Ways to get rid of facial hair

Facial hair

Facial hair growth is a problem for many young women. There are various reasons for the unwanted growth, genetic or hormonal imbalances. It often affects a woman’s confidence level as the facial hair can spoil the looks. While most get rid of the facial hair with temporary solutions like waxing or threading, there are permanent solutions too. Here, we have shared a list of permanent and temporary solutions for getting rid of facial hair.

1. Electrolysis

This is one of the best methods for permanent hair removal. A small needle is inserted into the hair follicle and the growth root is removed chemically or thermally. It is advised that it should be done only under expert supervision. Do not get lured by home electrolysis kits available in the market as it can prove risky. Agreed, the treatment is expensive but it will give you the desired result. This is only AMA and FDA approved permanent hair removal method.

2. Laser hair removal

This is another method that is effective and provides lasting solution for facial hair removal. But it is best suited for people with lighter skin tone and dark hair because this process works through melanin pigments. Laser rays are focused to destroy the hair follicle. It may not suit people with dark skin. It is a lengthy process where you may have to attend few sessions to get the desired results. It is expensive but best if it suits your skin type.

3. Sugaring

Sugaring is probably the most ancient and natural method of cleansing that hairy face. A concoction of sugar, water and lemon is used in the form of paste or gel. This is applied on dry and clean skin to remove hair. It is safest of all methods available and lasts for 4-6 weeks. It is also a cheaper option.

4. Hair removers

This is best suited for women with scarce hair. Though it is the most handy and quick fix solution to facial hair but be cautious, as it can turn dicey too. It is chemical based and suitable to be used for non-sensitive skin types only. A hair removal cream is directly applied on the facial skin and washed after few minutes. It’s best to conduct a patch test in advance before using it on the face. It is a comparatively cheap option.

5. Threading

Widely practiced, threading is a traditionally practiced way to remove hair. Threading of eye brows is common, but facial hair threading involves expertise. Beauticians use thread to pluck hair from the roots. It is effective but a short term solution. Facial hair may grow within 3-6 weeks but cannot be plucked unless it is of pluck-able length. As a precaution, one must get it done by experienced beauticians. Do not forget to apply anti-bacterial cream after the process.

6. Prescription treatment

Especially when the hair growth is due to hormonal imbalance, drugs can be used. Vaniqa (eflonithine), is one such FDA approved medicine that is used for hair problems. It may not help complete removal of facial hair, but certainly slows down the growth of hair.

7. Coil hair remover

This small little tool looks like a coil with two handles but grabs your facial hair out of roots. All one has to do is bend the coil inwards and place on the face and twist it with your thumb and forefingers. It can be painful but will cease to cause immense pain once you get used to it. Beware of those red bumps that can be caused by its use.

8. Razors or Epilator

It is bit dicey to use them on facial skin but if you have that non-reactive skin, then you can try this quick removal technique. Be cautious as razors can injure your skin and also that the subsequent growth can be dark and hard. Epilators, any day, are safer than razor.

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