Exploring the generic issues that encourage women for designer vagina surgery

If you always thought about some women going for designer vagina surgeries just to adopt a fashion statement or satisfy their obsession with pornography, then let us tell you that these are not the right reasons why this trend is on rise. However, it can also not be denied that the number of vaginal surgeries has increased significantly over the last decade. Several clinical studies and those done by NHS have also shown that the trend for labia reduction or reshaping has taken a jump over the past few years. Then, there must be reasons to support this manifold increase in vaginal surgeries. Read on to know the reality of this picking trend.

Psychological distress


Labia refer to the vagina’s inner lips that also provide protection to the vagina. While there are outer labia (labia majora) with more fat and tissue, the inner labia (labia minora) are thinner and smaller in size as compared to outer labia. As some women have asymmetrical or larger labia minora, they constantly feel distressed about it.

The stress occurs when this problem starts interfering in their functionality and negatively affects their life. Misshapen labia may not let them have normal sex lives and maintain relationships. Many surgeons state that such women may be low on confidence levels and may not feel positive about their lives. Thus, they take a risky decision of undergoing vaginal surgeries.

Physical issues

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While women with labia problems may find it stressful to deal with various issues, the problem also causes different physical issues. Many women find it shameful when they cannot wear skimpy clothes like bikinis in public or cannot undress in a public place. They may also face physical pain during activities, such as cycling or horse riding.

This pain may also be experienced while having sexual intercourse or even while wearing tight clothes in extreme cases. All this happens because their labia are long in size or lowhanging. Surgeons also suggest that in many cases, labia may be torn, chafed or swollen. All these physical conditions may be painful, as well as shameful for certain women. Thus, they plan to get the excess labia skin cut away through surgeries so they may restore their normal lives.

Appearance correction

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Even if some women with large labia may not find it uncomfortable or depressive, they want to correct its appearance to remove the insecurity that they hold because of its misshaping or misalignment. They do not even go into relationships because of the way their labia looks. While the appearance of labia may be longer naturally, women find it unattractive. It may also be torn or stretched after childbirth that may seem abnormal and ugly to many women. That is another big reason they opt for designer vaginal surgeries or labiaplasties.

Even though women are made aware of the involved risks, many of them are brave enough to undergo this procedure. Doctors performing these procedures suggest that most of the women do not risk taking it up because of male influence or interest in pornography. They simply want to make their lives better so they may overcome the feelings of shame and insecurity. When it is an extreme case, it becomes a painful problem that drives women to surgical clinics.

However, surgeons still ensure to provide all the details about serious possible side effects of this procedure to women. Even though there are many women who leave the thought of undergoing this procedure after learning about its risks, there is still a growing number of women who dare to get it done in order to improve their personal and social lives.


Several women are opting for designer vagina surgery. The reasons for this approach are varied, ranging from legitimate physical and health issues, to cosmetic issues.

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