Exercises that can help men perform better in bed

A man’s sexual performance depends on several different elements such as strength, stamina, flexibility and fitness. If you are a man looking for ways to make her go wild and moan whenever you two are having sex, then consider changing your exercise routine. Lack of exercise can make any man lose his sexual prowess.

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Inability of satisfying the woman in bed can diminish your self-esteem and deteriorate your personal life. Different exercises help in achieving different physical goals and improve different aspects of sexual capacity. In the following, you will find out that exercises can help in enhancing your sexual capabilities.

Endurance exercises

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Endurance exercises helps in boosting your stamina so that you can perform difficult sexual poses and indulge in coitus for hours without getting tired or slowing down. Include resistant training circuits and interval training sessions in your exercise routine for improving your sexual stamina and endurance. Lying Gluteal Bridge is a good exercise for strengthening weaker muscles. For practicing this exercise, you will have to lie on your back in a straight line and then raise the gluteus above the floor. Hold your body still in this pose for best result.

Use the Plank

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To perform The Planks, you will have to get in the position of doing push ups and raises your body using the forearms for support. You will have to keep your back completely straight while doing this exercise for better results. The Plank is known for strengthening the core muscles of a man. The core consists of abdominal and lower back muscles. Strengthening the core will help you thrust her with more power and control. A strong core also lowers the chances of lower back pain. You can also ask your gym instructor for helping you perform other core strengthening exercises.

Exercises for flexibility


Raw power is nothing without flexibility and the capacity of controlling the sex organs. There are several Yoga poses, which can help in improving your flexibility. Some yoga poses can get you in shape for practicing different sex poses from the Kama Sutra. Shoulder Stand, Peacock Pose and Bow Pose can enhancing your sexual stamina and flexibility. Bhujangasana, Bajrasana and Sarvangasana are also helpful in improving a man’s sex life. Crossover stretching exercise is good for improving the flexibility of the deep core and pelvic floor areas.

Strengthen your legs

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Stronger lower body, especially powerful and toned legs, is the hallmark of a great lover. For performing better on bed, you will have to practice exercises that strengthen the muscles of your legs. Leg lunges are one of the most suitable exercise for strengthening the leg muscles. Strong legs will enable you to thrust and pound harder during intercourse for a longer time. You can ask your trainer to combine leg lunges with core training for even better results.



Your exercise routine must consist of calorie burning cardio activities like running, jogging, fast walking and cycling. A very effective cardio exercise that will keep you in shape and enhance your endurance is swimming. You should swim for 30 minutes if you want to burn extra body fat and get a toned body. Swimming makes your body leaner and can make your body more attractive. It is good to swim everyday, but if time is a constraint then swim at least three days a week. Swimming is also good for maintaining your body muscles and six pack abs.


Several different exercises can help in improving your sexual efficiency. Focus on enhancing your flexibility and increasing your strength and endurance for making her happy every night.

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