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According to a recent survey, one of the most popular professions today is health management. A lot of privatization is happening in hospitals or health management, and hence there is the need for efficient hospital administration tools apart from a fleet of skilled doctors. Hospital management systems optimally utilize the information technology that is available and the enhanced telephonic equipment that helps hospital management in a big way. This system provides various benefits such as rigid cost control, effective administration, and the streamlining of operations. It also takes care of the main needs of the hospitals and covers areas of hospital administration and management. There are various components of the hospital management system such as:

Laboratory information system:

This component is utilized by the pathology lab of the hospital for disseminating and recording information pertaining to the tests that it had performed. The module gets requests from doctors and surgeons online which enables the lab personnel to operate effectively.

Pharmacy management:

This component is pertaining to various systems such as control functions, dispensing, stock management, and drug information system. Prescriptions are received here from the respective departments and medical professionals. This system provides a vast collection of the drugs that are available and medicines can be implemented thereof.

Billing module:

The hospital management system also has a billing component that takes care of all the various billing inside the hospital for the long term. It helps in various billing and cashier functions such as outpatient, referral, and inpatient. It also has a system wherein the charges are posted automatically pertaining to services like medicines that are to be reissued, food/beverage charges, lab tests, telephone charges, and so on.

Queue and appointment module:

This handy module helps you schedule the appointments effectively for patients. It not only helps in allocating time slots but it also helps the nurses and doctors to be aware of them. It also has a system wherein appointments are not scheduled if the doctor is unavailable or busy.

Operation theatre management:

This system takes care of the various surgeries that take place inside the hospital and it helps in providing surgery detail records, scheduling operation theatres, and other information pertaining to surgery.


Hospital management systems are very easy to use and are very empowering as well. It can be termed as an integrated tool that provides important information to all connected with the hospital. This system is also very important, as it helps in decision-making activities in financial accounting as well as inpatient care in a streamlined and effective manner.

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