Ethical issues in Medical Tourism (Health tourism / Medical Travel / Global Healthcare)


The globalization of healthcare has sprung up several ethical issues surrounding the practice.

The fact that people travel from their home country to a medical tourism destination to avail certain treatments that are illegal or unavailable at home brings up several ethical concerns.

Besides that, several facilities catering to medical tourism are utilizing unethical practices to woo potential medical travelers.

Hence, I am working on an article to highlight ethical issues in medical tourism. The aim of is to highlight some of the main controversies surrounding the ethical issues within medical tourism, so any potential medical traveler is well informed before they travel.

For instance, since organ and tissue transplants are so difficult to obtain as long waiting lists exists, many patients tend to seek foreign options and engage in medical tourism for organ transplants. However, where these organs are coming from is usually a mystery to most patients. There have been several issues regarding the legality of organ and tissue transplants in many countries.

There were many reports of organs being obtained from prisoners without their consent or acquired by illegal means.

I hope to cover all ethical issues surrounding medical tourism.

Dr Prem


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