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Effective tips to apply self-tanner


Tanned skin looks beautiful. However, soaking in the sun for hours to get the right tan is not always good for you. You can use some of the below steps to get the right sunless tan to your skin.

Initial Preparations

Self-tanners affect dry skins extremely. They might get affected by black spots similar to the ones many have on their elbows. Hence, it is important to remove the dead skin. This can be done while taking a shower by simply exfoliating the dead skin using sponge. Secondly, wax your skin before starting the tanning treatment. Moreover, laser treatment should not be conducted after you have tanned your skin.

Choose the right combination:

For beginners it is always advised to use a professional spray tan or a gradual lotion. It is not only safe but does not cause too much of tanning too. Someone who is used to tanning can use mousse that works well on oily skin. Dry skin types can use oil instead of the mousse.

Choose the right shade:

The right shade depends on which skin color you wish to have after tanning. You can choose the shades depending on lighter, moderate or darker tanning you want.

Don’t use excessive moisturizer:

Many suggest using moisturizer before tanning. However, using excessive moisturizer can dilute the effect of the tan making it lighter than you have thought. It should be applied only to those areas, which get darker due to tanning. For example, apply moisturizer to places such as elbows, knees, hands, feet etc. The skin in these areas is dry and hence gets tanned way too much as compared to the rest of the body.

Use a Mitt:

Self-tanners should not be brought in direct touch with your palms. Tanning products cause the palms to turn orange. Hence, it is always preferred to wear gloves or tanning mitts to mix the tanning mixture well. The procedure to apply the tan is simple. Initiate with the ankles and move upwards in long, circular strokes. Dry areas coming in the way should be taken care of.

Apply the tanning mixture to the hands at the end:

Care should be taken to apply the tanning mixture to the hands at the end. Moisturizing the hands is essential. Wash off the palms, cuticles and nails immediately after you have applied the mixture. Keeping it for long might turn these parts yellow.

Do not repeat applying on the entire body:

Tan does not remain prolonged on the face or hand, simply because they are washed repeatedly during the day. It is advised to apply self-tanner to the face after every three days.


If you are looking tan your body without burning your skin in the sun, these self-tanning techniques can be useful and easy to try your hands on.

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