Easy Ways to make your children eat healthy

Ask a mother how it is to feed a fussy eater and you will probably get an hour’s long story of how difficult it is for her to get her son/daughter to eat healthy foods while the latter more than keenly laps up any snack or junk food that comes his/her way. Sadly, this seems to be the situation of many mothers out there who simply can’t find out a way to make their children eat the healthier stuff. If you find yourself in that list, then here are some tips that can help you out.

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Plan a Schedule

This may be the hardest part in training your kids to eat healthy. However, it surely pays at the end. Kids need to eat once every four hours or so because their bodies would demand nourishment constantly. So plan a schedule wherein you feed your kid with at least three meals, three snacks (healthy choices like pretzels, yogurt or carrots etc.) and plenty of fluids throughout the day. Stick to this schedule no matter what. In addition to motivating your kid to follow these habits as he/she grows up, this would enable him/her to remain full for longer periods and stop craving for junk food.


Make Meal Time Fun Time

Ask your kid to help you out when you cook at home. This would make him/her more engrossed in the items that you add to the dishes. The more inquisitive he/she gets, the more willing he/she would be to try out new foods. You can also arrange the food items in creative ways to attract your kid’s attention to the food. For instance, you can cut the toast in the form of a heart and decorate it with pancakes made in the shape of your kid’s initials. On the other hand, you can decorate the vegetables and fruits on his/her plate to resemble a face or a picture. This would surely make him/her enjoy the meal.

Another way to make sure your kid eats the veggies you put on his/her plate is to offer him/her dips that would go well with these veggies. You can also try different types of dressings for salads to keep your kid interested in the food.


Give Room for Indulgences

Restricting your kid’s food choices completely would make him/her more frustrated and reluctant to eat what you give him/her. So allow some room for indulgences. Add some potato chips to vegetable salads. Let your child enjoy a cookie or two every day in return for the foods that he/she eats. Make it a point to give him/her a special treat once a week in order to motivate him/her to eat more healthy foods.

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