Drugs made from cow dung & urine may help in several diseases

Medicines using cow urine and dung given positive results for treatment of cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems and skin diseases. The Yoga Deepa Gurukula Yogashrama of Mysore, India is producing such medicines.

Sri Narayana Bhat Swamiji is all set to prepare about sixteen varieties of medicines for major diseases. There are more than one hundred and fifty herbs are being cultivated in Bogadi.

There are various cows, including, Amruthamahal, Hallikkar and Kankarij breeds are in the Ashram. An ayurveda research centre is established in a 3.5-acre premise on Mysore.

The research centre is producing Arjuna Arishta, Ashoka Kutaja for the treatment of patients with blockages in the heart and related ailments. Swamiji has claimed to have cured HIV positive cases who were in-patients for more than four months at his ashram.

According to him,

Dieting, medicine and yoga, together, is the best-ever combination to cure a majority of diseases.


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