Dos and don'ts for curing fatty liver disease


Liver is an important organ in your body, toxic materials are removed by healthy liver, it stores energy and perform various other internal body activities. Researchers at Boston, says diet plays an important role in curing fatty liver.
Diet rich in easily absorbable carbohydrates, high protein content are bad for your liver; it raises blood sugar and accumulates fats in the liver and cause liver damage, and fatty liver.

In United States, fatty liver disease, (NASH) liver fibroses are very common. AST level which is the Aspartate Amino transferase level may go high in the patient with fatty liver.

Steathepatitis (inflammation in the liver), bulged liver size, steatosis are generally observed in the patient in severe cases. Fatty liver in its initial stage does not affect you much, but with the passage of time, and no treatment, no exercises, no control on diet can harm you much, and even take the patient in their last stage.
High triglyceride levels in the body, improper metabolism, obesity, diabetes, imbalanced in nutrition, and glycogen storage can cause fatty liver disease which can take the form of liver cirrhosis if not cured. Fatty liver disease is not bound to any age. Fatty liver disease can happen to anybody.

Fatty liver disease can be cured by healthy lifestyle and a right diet:
A balanced diet, exercise, and staying away from alcohol can cure fatty liver disease.

Say no to alcohol, and control your weight for maintaining healthy liver.

Dietary changes like avoiding white bread, processed and oiling foods, and polished rice are good for curing fatty liver. Include lots of veggies, fruits in you diet for maintaining normal blood sugar.
Slow and healthy progress in weight loss, low fat content diet helps in treating fatty liver disease.

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