Cancer may grow into cancerous marital life

Are you grappling with cancer in any of these two types – cervical or testicular? If the answer is “Yes” then sorry to say, but separation from your life-partner may be the next to ride you.

This revelation from a new study, covering around 2.8 million people, might be another shock to patients suffering either from cervical or testicular cancer. As per the findings of this study, divorce rate among patients with any of these two caners was significantly higher when compared to those without any of these cancers.

Interestingly, what leads to higher divorce rate among these cancer patients is still unknown. Still, somewhere it seems that bruised sexual life of couples is somewhere responsible for such repercussions. Because both these forms of cancer directly affect person’s genital organs, marring sexual life, which in a marital relations, plays a significant role of cementing the marital relation. In the words of Lesley Fallowfield, a professor of psycho-oncology at Sussex University:

… a cancer diagnosis that affects a couple’s sex life might be very damaging.



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