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Donor's risk: First live liver transplant

The first live liver transplant will be done at the Scots hospital and will be headed by Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI). Health minister Andy Kerr considers it as a lifeline for all those who had been waiting for a liver transplant. However, Kerr cannot neglect the controversy involved in this sort of transplant. Transplantation of a portion of a live liver will be functional in developing a healthy liver in the patient but it can cause serious health implications for the donor.
Though John Forsyth, a consultant surgeon and clinical director at the ERI hospital has formed a team comprising a transplant co-coordinator, medical assessor, psychiatrist, physician and social worker. But their role in tackling a donor’s condition before and after the transplant will make all the difference to the live liver transplant, otherwise conventional liver transplants will again engage a team to urge individuals to donate their livers after death.
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