Does folic acid really prevent age-related hearing loss?

Folic acid may play a significant role in preventing you from age-related hearing loss; a new Dutch study uncovers this after studying about 728 Dutch men and women between the ages 50 to 70.

What to believe and what not to believe is the biggest question here because earlier too the importance of folic acid was much propounded by bringing out statements like folic acid is important for keeping heart healthy and a few days later researchers themselves came out with refuting statements, which gave the idea that perhaps folic acid has nothing to do with your heart’s health.

My basic motive to discuss this thing here is that scientists sometimes bring out such ideas, which seems quite appetizing and when a common man starts following them, researchers comes out refuting their own claims. Now, this questions the very basis of such scientific studies.

Should we blindly rely on them?

Image credit: Vita Cost

Via: Post chronicle

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