Dispelling the myths and lies that surround taking a drug test

People hear a lot of things about drug testing and it can be both exciting and terrifying especially for those who never underwent it yet. The internet is not short of chatter on how these drug tests are conducted and whether they can be faked and how. People who try to fake their way into drug testing often find themselves in trouble because of their belief in some of the prevailing drug test myths. Differentiating the truth from the lies is very important for one to aptly prepare for a drug test and avoid mishaps by cheating on the test based on false assumptions.

Here are some of the most common myths on drug tests and the truths behind them:

Myth #1:  You can pass a test by drinking lots of water or sports drink


man drinking water

You may dilute your system by drinking lots of water and other fluids but it will only make drugs harder to detect in your urine and not completely eliminate it. In fact, many people who tried this method only placed themselves in a harder situation. Drinking lots of fluids increase creatinine in urine, and testing centers consider high levels of this substance in urine as a red flag. These centers already know the tricks of passing drug tests and so they make their testing methods more sophisticated to include other indications of tampering with urine samples. So if you are planning to consume gallons after gallons of water to get you through the test, you might want to reconsider.

Myth #2: All fake urine samples are same


urine sample

Not all fake urine samples are the same. Some work and some will just put you in the hot seat. The use of fake urine for drug testing is widely practiced nowadays, but some people make the mistake of just choosing any fake urine products they see in the market. Since drug testing methodologies have become sophisticated overtime, they are now capable of detecting fake urine especially those that are poorly made. Some products, though, like Quick Fix for sale are made to pass any drug testing methods currently being used. That being said, people need to be careful in their choices as many products in the market may not make it to the cut to pass a urine test successfully and without the need for further testing.

Myth #3: All drugs stay in your system for same duration


drug test

This is a no- brainer for many people, but still, there are those who remain clueless on how long certain drugs stay in their body. In the past, this led many people to be overconfident on taking a drug test thinking the substance was already out of their system. Remember that different types of drugs have different shelf lives inside the body and certain tests can detect how long they have been in there.

Knowing and understanding the facts and truths of urine drug testing will help you avoid troubles for sure.

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