Diets Which are Best for Heavy Eaters

You may be all for having a plate full of food stuffs in big quantities but desiring for losing weight at the same time. Who said you cannot diet if you are a heavy eater? Surely, there are diets which are designed for the big eaters and food freaks who cannot stave off food and for whom dieting is an ordeal. Here are some diets that you can opt for if you fall in the category of big eaters.

Caveman’s Diet:

Critics may not particularly admire this diet but this is surely for the meat buffs and big eaters. The caveman’s diet, as the name suggests includes everything that the ancient cavemen used to have. Imagine what the cavemen could have had- from fruits and nuts to insects and grubs they used to gorge on anything they got in their hands. The modern version of the caveman’s diet includes meat of animals that have fed on grass, cooked or even raw form of vegetables, avocado or olive oil that come unprocessed and fish caught fresh and wild. There is an absence of sugar and very less or no salt at all and carbohydrates as well. It is a low-carb diet that triggers weight loss although there may be a few health risks. For those missing out on the starchy stuff can include pastas and rice in some quantities twice a week in their diet.

Big Eating through Small Meals:

Diet experts all across the world would claim for the impeccable effect on your body when you distribute your meal times more or less uniformly and have smaller meals instead of skipping any of them. You should take 5 to 6 meals in small quantities a day to stave off the hunger feat and keep the energy levels at a constant while boosting up the metabolism. This helps in keeping hunger at bay since your stomach is full and you tend to eat less than what you would when you are extremely hungry. Not that you are having any less but the amount is being distributed throughout the day.

Night Diets:

Critics may go against the fact that eating heavy during nighttime can trigger one to lose weight but the truth is night eating really works wonders for heavy eaters. For those taking it up you need to restrict your daytime diet to meager 300 calories eating vegetables and fruits which are low in glycemia like tomatoes and strawberries and protein foods. Nighttime consider eating big around 2000-2200 calories with vegetables and salads and of course 60 to 70 grams of protein intake. Eating less at night triggers nighttime grazing habit due to sudden food cravings. This is the time when you tend to binge on sweets which lead to more accumulation of calories. Eating bigger meals at night works wonders for heavy eaters since you stave off food cravings at night and sleep well, thus perking up your metabolism and triggering weight loss.

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