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Cryotherapy apparel to keep you cool!

Cryotherapy containing therapeutic use of cold can be made by refrigerated bandanas, hoods, vests and water filled T-shirts.

According to Christopher Ingersoll, a professor of sports medicine at the University of Virginia Health System, cryotherapy can be used to maintain the temperature inside the body of a person at 98.6 degrees.

Products provided by Cryotherapy as:

Chill factor’s Rehab Hood:

The oversized hood costing $60 consisting of polymer fiber created to help firefighters or in firefighting. The hood keeps head at least 20 degree below the 97 record on the weather.

Reversible Evaporative Cooling Vest by Industrial Savings (www.industrialsavings.com)

It is a canvas colored vest costing $34.99. By soaking the garment in the cold water just strap it on and it will provide cool effect lasting for more than 50 minutes.

The cool T-shirt (www.coolshirt.net):

It is a sleeveless cotton T-shirt ranging from $350 to $2500. To use it fill the cooler with ice water, connect it with a hose it laced the front and back with 55 feet of medical grade tubing and use the pump to circulate the water. Stay connected as long as you like.

The Sharper Image Personal Cooling System 3.0(www.sharperimage.com):

It costs $25.95. It is worn clamped around the neck containing a fan pouring evaporative water on you.



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