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Healthy cooking does not mean to invest on expensive cookware and giving up your favorite foods. It is a very simple process and time consuming too. It includes using various healthy cooking methods and techniques in order to keep fats minimum and make the food healthy.

You can make healthy foods in multiple ways such as limiting fats, salt, and sugars. Your food can include vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fat free or low fat items in order to cook healthy and delicious. Low calorie and low fat diet can play a big role to make your body fit and healthy. You can enhance your health and beauty by switching to roasted and baked food. Here are some tips that can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy cooking tips

  • It is better to be choosy about food as this is the first thing that can help you to avoid eating unhealthy foods. Cheese can add extra taste and flavors to the food but it is important to consider that you are using less cheese. It can increase the risk of heart problems.
  • More fatty cream can lead to several health problems so it is also important to go for low fat cream. You can opt for low fat or fat free mayonnaise instead of heavy cream.
  • In order to cook healthy, you can opt for olive oil at the place of normal cooking oil. It has an ability to reduce the formation of bad cholesterol and help you to reduce fat.
  • Using whole grains in baked goods can add fibers to the dish. This is beneficial for health and can keep your tummy full for hours.
  • You can go for egg whites in place of whole egg and can use olive oil in the place of butter and oil.

Healthy cooking methods

Healthy cooking methods are simple and time consuming. With the help of healthy cooking methods, you can make healthy and delicious foods and meals. Some of the major cooking methods are as follows:


Roasting is a great method to cook healthy food. Roasting vegetables and fruits do not change the nutrition facts of the food and add extra flavor to the food. It can reduce fats from foods and make it healthy for people with cardiac problems. It also improves the nutrition value of the food.


You can replace deep-frying with baking, as it is the healthiest method of cooking and do not involve oil. You can bake foods, chips, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. It makes the food light and fat free. Baking preserve the aroma and flavor in the food.


In this method of cooking, steam is used to cook food. Steaming maintains the moisture and freshness of the food. Steamed food is easily digestible and does not include cooking oil and other fatty ingredients. It is also a fast method to cook healthy food.


Sautéing is a good method to cook food with little oil. For this, you need non-stick pan so that you can cook food without using fats. You can use low-sodium broth, water, and spray in place of oil. Sautéing is a great alternative than frying food.


Grilling food is a great idea to make healthy food. The major benefit of grilled food is that it cooks away the excess fats. It reduces the calorie level of the food and makes it beneficial for people with several health conditions.


You might find oily and junk food delicious but it is important to avoid them to stay healthy. Grilling, steaming, baking, sautéing, and roasting are best ways to cook healthy food.

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