Magnesium rich foods to suit your daily intake

Magnesium is an important nutrient, as it enables more than 300 chemical reactions taking place in our body. It controls body glucose level, helps in protein synthesis, regulates blood pressure, and is very beneficial for a normal muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is a very good carrier of calcium and potassium ions, as it transports them across cell membranes. Therefore, one must ensure to include such food items in a diet that are loaded with the wonder nutrient Magnesium. There is no dearth of Magnesium supplements in the market, but it is always better to satisfy the need through natural foods. Following is a list of food products that are rich in Magnesium:


Besides being a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, fish are a rich source of magnesium as well, especially the salmon, tuna, and halibut. Make sure you have fish at least once a week, and to make it more interesting try different recipes and you can have yummy fish salads that are quite easy to make.

Wild Rice

Wild rice is a very good source of magnesium and other essential minerals like fiber, zinc, and iron. One bowl of cooked wild rice provides about 52 milligrams of magnesium, and it has a very good taste. In order to make it more healthy and delicious, you can cook wild rice with dried herbs and fish.


Legumes like soybean are an amazingly rich source of magnesium along with other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids. If you consume half-cup of roasted soybeans that would do for the half of magnesium requirement of a day. Kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, white beans, lentils, and black-eyed peas are other types of beans that are equally rich in magnesium as the soybean is.

Dried Coriander

Dried coriander gives a unique flavor to dishes, and is an integral part of many cuisines like the Asian, Latin, and the Mediterranean cuisine. Besides its quality to give nice flavor to dishes, coriander has a nutritional value as well. It is a rich source of magnesium, a tablespoon of dried coriander contains as much as 14 milligrams of magnesium.


Dates are healthy and they satisfy the sweet tooth without any side effects. They are tasty and are loaded with nutrients, and magnesium is one of the nutrients found in dates. One can fulfill up to eleven percent of the daily magnesium requirement by just having 100grams of dates.


Oatmeal is a heart-healthy food; it lowers the body cholesterol, helps to maintain a normal blood pressure, is loaded with antioxidants, and is a rich fiber source. However, not many people know that oatmeal is also rich in minerals and vitamins, and magnesium is one of the minerals present in it.

Yellow Corn

Corn is delicious and filling, as a bowl of corn makes a healthy and a sufficient breakfast. A food is relished more in winters. It is rich in fiber, is low in calories and high in proteins. One other nutrient that corns, especially the yellow corn are rich in is magnesium. A bowl of yellow corn makes up for the half of the total magnesium requirement.


Avocado is a wonder food that is loaded with multivitamins, nutrients that are healthy for heart, and many minerals that prevent numerous medical conditions from occurring. Just a single slice of avocado a day can give you up to fifteen percent of magnesium out of the daily magnesium requirement.


Magnesium is an important nutrient for the body. While supplements are easily available, it is best to opt for the right diet to naturally provide the requisite nutrients for your body.

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