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Coping with anxiety- 10 Things you should know

Living with anxiety can be killing.  It drives in severe mental distress making your life topsy-turvy. Prolonged anxiety is as good as a serious mental disorder that can push an individual to an extreme action. This may lead to depression robbing a person of all the bright hues of life. The person will start accepting only the dark shades of life developing a thick cloud of negative feelings that will gradually affect  his/her physical well being. Anxiety cannot be avoided but can be curbed totally.

Here are ten infallible ways to beat your level of anxiety. But the golden rule is – Kill anxiety before it kills you.

  1. Get enough sleep:

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Lack of sufficient sleep increases stress. Plan a schedule of minimum of eight hours of sleep on a regular basis. A sound sleep would give you enough mental rest that will certainly take care of all worries and unproductive apprehensions. Sleep is such an element if you build it in your habit it is bound to put you in a tranquil stretch of repose keeping all anxiety at bay.

  1. Learn to smile:

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Smiling can be therapeutic. When you are stressed out, learn to break into a smiling spree like a Cheshire cat. Smiling relieves stress and worries as it induces the brain to release feel-good hormones.  Smiling relaxes your high- strung nerves and makes you tension free at least for some time.

  1. Keep your workplace clean:

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An untidy and all messed up workplace brings a rush of anxiety to your mind putting you into confusion where to start from and where to end. Your first job is to organize your workplace so that what exactly you are looking for from a heap of workload and important things come handy in an instant. This will eliminate anxiety in workstation.

  1. Repeat your worry until they scare you no longer:

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When you face the most worrying factor with a resolute stand, the sting of worry gets lessened until you are bored and start laughing at yourself for being so stupid shunning away from the fear element. When you are trying to run away from an element of anxiety which doesn’t really have a logical reason to exist, the ants in pants take a firmer grip on you just because of your attitude. This therapeutic technique of repeating your confrontation with anxiety has a technical name called ‘ boredom cure ‘.

  1. Don’t let anxiety turn worse:


When you try to bury your anxiety forcefully putting your mind through some escape route, it takes a monstrous shape. It is better to explore it up-close. Believe me, it won’t look that menacing as it looked from a distance. It is better not get nervy about your anxieties and try to pretend they never existed when they are gnawing your mind. It will make situations worse. Locate the source, find a solution and get them over and out.

  1. Stop chasing after the craziness that occasionally visits your mind:

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Our mind is a very powerful thinking machine. It is creative and always fed by a thought process some of which may be constructive and practical and others illusionary. Continuous synapses are shooting into our minds without any rhyme or reason. It is better not to give much importance to these thoughts which often takes crazy dimensions. Focus on reality and move on.

  1. Relaxing techniques:

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Yoga, meditation and long leisurely stroll amid nature is quite relaxing .They keep anxiety at bay. However, you should learn the correct techniques and get the maximum benefits.

  1. Exercises and workouts:

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Remember exercises are the most potent medicines to drive away anxiety. And it is free!
Both aerobics and light workouts could help. If you have age on your side, sprinting is a great away to build mental resistance. This explosive workout can mitigate your anxiety level.

  1. Eat a balanced diet:

Plant-Based Dieting (1)

You should always concentrate on the right kind of meals. Skipping meals leads to mental and physical illness. You should have the right combination of proteins, carbs, minerals, good fats and vitamins. A long walk after meals would be terrific. At night, try to pack light. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Learn to breathe:

breathe properly

We all breathe to survive.  But have we ever given a thought to the fact if we are correctly breathing or not? Correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques can, in fact, enhance the quality of our lives. It fights panic and arrests the stress response. People practicing it would find to be a wonderful and easy stress buster. You need not be obsessed with round-the-clock correct breathing technique that is impossible. Deep breathing would mean taking as much clean oxygen straight into your lungs. At least, devote 5 minutes a day to deep breathing with 10- 15 repetitions. It will work wonders on your nerves!


Anxiety is a part and parcel of life and you should know the ways so as not to allow it mount beyond your control.

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