Considering the viability of coffee as a cure for diabetes

For some time now, coffee has been deemed good for diabetes patients. It is believed that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes. Chinese scientists and researchers have found why coffee may be beneficial for diabetics and how it can control blood sugar levels. A protein has often been linked to the risks of type 2 diabetes. This protein accumulates toxins harmful for the body of individuals who are at risk of getting diabetes.

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Scientists have found that coffee has three compounds that block toxin accumulation of this protein and reduce the risk of diabetes. Dr. Kun Huang who is a researcher at Huazhong University of Science & Technology has confirmed that they have found compounds in coffee which can positively reduce the chances of diabetes in coffee drinkers. Individuals who drink four or more cups of coffee every day are 50% less likely to get diabetes than the non-coffee drinkers.

Type 2 diabetes is the commoner form of the vile disease. The body of the patients does not produce sufficient amount of insulin. In some cases the cells do not accept or acknowledge the insulin which creates similar reaction inside the body. Insulin is a vitally necessary hormone which is produced in the pancreas and helps in conducting the sugar from foods absorbed by the digestive system to the body cells. Lack of insulin can create disruptions in the process of producing energy by burning glucose inside of the body cells. The protein HIAPP can also be responsible for diabetes. HIAPP protein accumulation causes death of the pancreas cells which results into the acute lack of insulin.

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The three compounds in coffee which according to the Chinese researchers help in reducing the effects of type 2 diabetes are caffeine, Caffeic acid or CA and Cholorogenic acid or CGA. When the scientists exposed HIAPP to these three compounds of coffee, they found that they resist the formation of toxic HIAPP amyloid, which is harmful and dangerous for the pancreatic cells. Caffeic acid has the most advantageous effect on the toxins. Caffeine is not as beneficial as the Caffeic acid. The decaffeinated coffee is probably more effective in keeping diabetes at bay without any health damage due to this reason.

Another study conducted on 9,000 people more recently shows that drinking both coffee and tea can be beneficial in resisting diabetes. The heavy coffee and tea drinkers have lower BMI and their waists are smaller in dimension compared to people who drink one or less cup of coffees. Coffee drinking also helps in controlling the blood pressure levels. Thicker waist, high BMI and high blood pressure can aggravate the metabolic syndrome and change it. This can lead to diabetes and even heart attack.

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A team of researchers from University College London has found that coffee and tea drinkers show around 25% less number of symptoms of metabolic syndrome. They believe that both coffee and tea consists of agents or substances that are anti-inflammatory and that are the secret behind their magical resistance against diabetes.

Coffee cannot replace healthy foods, fruits and veggies. Coffee drinkers should also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle for staying fitter. But it is definitely a healthier choice than aerated drinks and colas which come packaged and loaded with lots of processed sugar. Drink coffee without sugar. The way you drink coffee has a serious role to play in this matter. Use skimmed milk and substitutes of sugar for avoiding excess calories.


Coffee has some compounds that prevent Type 2 Diabetes. It is good news for coffee drinkers. Even tea helps in reducing the chances of diabetes and some other chronic diseases.

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