Cholesterol lowering diet

Cholesterol is required by the human body to form vitamins. It is synthesized inside human body while it is also used for production of hormones and bile salts. Increased levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other chronic diseases. There are two types of cholesterol; Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol.

Consuming balanced cholesterol diet is the way to healthy lifestyle. Cholesterol Lowering Diet is recommended to those individuals who have high cholesterol level. It is necessary for HDL patients to bring down their cholesterol in order to prevent certain diseases from developing. Following Cholesterol Lowering Diet allows an individual to reduce cholesterol and gain other health benefits as well.

The diet reduces intake of saturated fats that majorly cause increase in cholesterol. Foods containing unsaturated fats are ideal to eat in this diet. These foods make a perfect Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan.

In order to avoid high cholesterol levels, you must stop consuming fatty meats such as beef and organ meats like heart, liver and kidney. Processed foods must be eliminated from your daily diet.

Seafood is the most recommended food category in this diet. You can eat sardines, salmon and tuna as much as you like. Fish has omega 3 fatty acids that help in removing cholesterol from the body.

If you love milk, then alternate high fat milk with skimmed milk. You must reduce the quantity and frequency of eating dairy products like butter and cheese.

Whole grains, vegetables, cereals and fruits are the source of nutrition for you when you are on Cholesterol Lowering Diet. Green leafy veggies are most beneficial in this diet. You may opt for dried peas, carrots and soy. Fried stuff must be ignored when you suffer from HDL.

Include berries, oats, figs and almonds while preparing most of the meals. These items play a crucial role in reducing cholesterol levels. Drink plenty of water to flush excessive cholesterol present in the body.

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