Arthritis diet

Number of arthritis patients seems to increase year by year. Being overweight increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis. The key to avoid being at risk of developing osteoarthritis is to consume Arthritis Diet. The diet prevents this disease from developing. Arthritis patients can adopt this diet to recover quickly.

Here is a list of the foods to avoid in Arthritis Diet:

Foods High in Cholesterol and Fat

Being on Arthritis Diet guides you to avoid foods that contain fat content. You must have low intake of the foods that contain saturated fat in high volume. Foods filled with cholesterol must be avoided to see early recovery signs. These foods are the major cause of weight gain and other health issues.

Recent study has proved that people having high cholesterol levels seem to have arthritis mostly in the knee area. The joint areas are not able to receive essential nutrients and oxygen by eating high fat, low nutrient and high cholesterol foods.

Processed Sugars

It is another item to avoid when following this diet. Foods containing processed sugars cause rapid weight gain. Eating these foods increases pain and flare ups arthritis. Joints may swell due to consumption of these foods.


You are allowed to drink alcohol. However, this does not mean that you can go to any extent in liquor consumption. Alcohol causes inflammation in the joints. Drinking in a moderate manner is always an option when you consider alcohol.

Foods to Eat on Arthritis Diet

Try to add vegetables, fruits and whole grain made products as much as possible in this diet. All these foods contain enough nutrition to show recovery from arthritis. Antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acid rich foods are excellent to include in this diet. You are also allowed to eat fish such as lake trout, salmon, tuna and albacore. Omega 3 fatty acids seem to decrease the risk of developing arthritis and inflammation.

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