Chemicals in household products may cause cancer

Chemical substances used in household products may block the natural process of cell deaths in human body. That may develop cancer in the body. The researchers at University of Colorado said that the study has revealed how carcinogenic compounds may produce tumor growth in the human body.

Naphthalene, which is used in mothballs, and para-dichlorobenze (PDCB), which is used in deodorant toilet bowl blocks the cell suicide process. Consumers in the US utilize more than one million pounds of naphthalene and PDCB per year.

They are increasingly at a higher risk of developing cancer. Earlier the researchers did not study about the chemicals that causing cancer in humans.

They made a study on the effects of the chemicals on nematodes, a worm. They surprisingly found that as the worms exposed to the chemicals, cells that normally would have died, survived instead in the body.

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