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Cancer and Immunotherapy-  An Undeniable Revolution in Cancer Treatment

Cancer and Immunotherapy

Cancer is a disease, which claws at your internal organs, your blood cells and your immunity, and it destroys everything your healthy body is capable of doing. It is the deadliest of diseases with a very painful treatment procedure. There are no precautions one can take to avoid cancer completely, but there are certain ways and methods of treatments which one can put to use simultaneously with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Understanding Immunotherapy:

ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy, as the name suggests, is a way of countering your cancerous growth by utilising and training your own immune system to address it. Immunotherapy is known to provide great benefits as far the issue of cancer is concerned, and is now the new trend in the medical industry. Introducing immunotherapy with medicines and other forms of treatment will bring about undeniable and long-lasting effects which will improve the health of the individuals significantly.

Immunotherapy is used to treat all forms of cancer. Lung cancer and oral cancer are among the many common forms of cancer treated by immunotherapy. Breast and colon cancer also stand little or no chance against correctly executed immunotherapy procedures. It is a second-line treatment for cancerous infections even up to stage IV.

How does Immunotherapy work?

Cancer and ImmunotherapyOur bodies are naturally designed to fight back infections and foreign invasions by harmful micro-organisms. The human immune system is the most complex, yet the simplest of all systems, and is extremely active, quick, and effective. Cancer tricks and weakens the immunes system and hollows the body from within. The immune system cells are not able to spot the malignant ones, and end up falling prey to them. Now the body is no longer capable of putting up a fight, and its health deteriorates with each passing day.

Put in the simplest form, immunotherapy urges the natural defence mechanism of the body to address the cancerous growth in the body and puts an end to it. It revitalises the immunity of the body to counter cancer cells. Instead of opting for the traditional methods of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, one can easily beat cancer just by relying on its own immunity.

Pros of Immunotherapy:

ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy does not utilise any drugs nor does it make use of any such procedures that will harm your body in the years to come. It has no known side-effects, only beneficial effects. It is solely organic and has nothing to do with surgery. Immunotherapy is one of the most effective and advantageous researches in the field of medicine which can bring about a revolution in cancer treatments. There is nothing better than your own body fighting naturally against the onset of illness without relying upon medical intervention.

All immunotherapy does is awaken the immunity to recognise and take action against the enemy. It not only makes your body capable of recognising cancerous cells, but it also makes your body strong enough to kill and destroy them. Many people are known to benefit from this form of treatment as opposed to other therapies and surgeries. It is also quite cost effective, easy, and its effects are durable. Many people have reported to be cured completely of cancer just by Immunotherapy.

Although immunotherapy has plenty of advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone’s immune system responds effectively well to immunotherapy. For those cancer patients who do not respond well to immunotherapy, one may have to opt for surgery and other procedures of treatment.

Need of better treatments for cancer

Cancer is, no doubt, a disease to be handled effectively and carefully. One cannot be possibly experimenting with treatment procedures all along while battling with such a disease. Surgeries and therapies kill cancer cells but also leave the individual feeling weaker and hollow from within, because even healthy cells fall prey to the killing sprees of the therapy.

Immunotherapy is the finest of researches which has proved to be fruitful as far as cancer is concerned. It is, without a second thought, far better than surgery which poses little to no chance of complete healing. The side effects associated with surgeries are many, and the individual also becomes an easy target for opportunistic infections. None of these occur when immunotherapy plays a role. It is therefore advised that immunotherapy must be employed to help cure cancer instead of opting for surgeries and chemotherapy.

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