Calorie counting diet

Weight management must seem to be a difficult task, right? Actually, it's not that difficult if you are on an appropriate diet schedule. The common problem with all of us is that we hear about a diet from some of our friends or relative and start following it. Today we are about to discuss a diet that has proven effective in the recent times for people who wished to lose weight.

Calorie Counting Diet

Weight gain and weight loss has everything to do with the intake of calories. Calories can be defined as the energy particles present in foods. Human body requires energy and uses calories from the food items to perform daily tasks. Our every action is fueled by energy gained from calories.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the main source of calories intake. The amount of energy in these elements varies from one another. Carbs and proteins contain 4calories per gram whereas fats contain 9calories per gram.

Calories are either converted into energy or stored as fat within the body. Calories remain as fats until you use them. You must increase the level of physical activities if you wish to lose weight. Start doing exercise for at least 1 hour daily. Burn all the calories you have stored in the body.

The diet is based on eating low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits. Lean white meat also contains low amount of calories. You can have skinless chicken breast to prepare delicious meals. Having fruits and vegetables will reduce the intake of calories whereas exercise will ensure that you burn all the fat content which you have developed over the years.

Essential Tips

  • Skip all high calorie meals and low nutrition food items.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants.
  • Reduce the portion of each meal to half of what you have usually.
  • Replace all high calorie options with low calorie foods.

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