British healthcare system under criticism: Alcoholic cirrhosis on a rise

to cirrhosis by alcohol 2263The current British healthcare system is severely criticised following a recent medical finding presented to Britain’s Liberal Democrats that cases involving cirrhosis of the liver by alcohol among British people aged 25-to-34 years have more than doubled during the last decade.

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease of the liver characterized by the replacement of normal tissue with fibrous tissue and the loss of functional liver cells. Alcohol abuse is one of the major reason for this disease which can be fatal and can result in impotency.

As per the findings the number of alcohol-related cirrhosis instances rose from 270 to 642 between 1996-97 and 2005-06. Sandra Gidley, the Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman told The Times of London:

Ministers should have woken up to this issue and taken action years ago.

Ian Gilmore, President of Royal College of Physicians, said that recent medical findings of increased final-stage cirrhosis in the age group suggest that the negative pattern is likely to rise further in the future.

Alcohol abuse is the worst enemy of society which has harmed the society in more than one ways. Hence this problem is not solved just by criticising the healthcare system or reprimanding a few concerned officials.

It is the duty of every person living in the society to contribute a little towards creating an awareness about this problem.


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