Breaking the nutritional myths

Before commenting anything on what sometimes happy blogger has said in his post, I will comment on what he has left unsaid. He didn’t feel to elaborate more on pesceteraniasm. But it becomes necessary in the context of a vegeterian. Pescos are nit vegetarians in the strictest sense. They avoid red meat and certain diary products and that is why they order a veggie plate to avoid meats. This is ridiculous. And a study on nutritional labels is politically incorrect.

Saturated fats are good for babies and those who are anemic and it is good as it has got a high melting point,while sodium is essential for creating hydrochloric acid in the stomach. May be the blogger has forgotten to enter the most hyped vitamins in his post.

However, his idea of vegetarian food can be neglected and the nutritional recommendations can always be adjusted as per one’s bodies needs

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