Blood group diet

No restrictions, no exercise! Yes, that's right you can lose weight without doing hectic exercises for several hours daily and without following numerous restrictions. You can eat as much as you want and whatever you want by making sure that the foods you eat are compatible with your blood group. The diet is known as Blood Group Diet.

There are only 4 recognized blood groups in humans. The blood groups are A, B, AB and O. There are various subgroups in these major groups. All the groups are made of antigens. Eating a diet that is compatible to your blood group is the most effective and safest way of losing weight. You can eat pastries, cheese and all the stuff you love and still lose weight.

O Blood Group
– The diet for these people must be rich in protein and low in carbs. You may have to ensure a good intake of eggs and meat in this diet. Wheat, grain, milk and milk products should be avoided. You are recommended to do aerobics, running and jogging to make the diet more effective.

A Blood Group – You must follow a vegetarian diet if you belong to this group. It may sound depressing but it's the only way to lose weight for people who belong to A blood group. Calming exercises can come in handy here. Avoid all kinds of dairy products.

B Blood Group
– You can have all kinds of foods if you belong to this group. Beer, steak and dessert are all open choices for you. All you need to do is to avoid processed foods, almonds and nuts. People with B blood group can indulge themselves in exercises such as swimming and trekking.

AB Blood Group – These people need to maintain discipline in healthy vegetarian eating habits. You can have some fish, dairy products and meat occasionally. Exercise is not necessary for these people. Being a vegetarian can help the cause to a great extent.

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