Bird flu leading to 1000s of birds-slaughtering

flock of turkey that may soon face culling

It’s again the turn of thousands of turkeys, ducks and geese to fall victim to bird flu worriment. It’s all happening at a Redgrave Park Farm near Diss. After the confirmation of avian flu in turkeys, about 6,500 birds are already being slaughtered although the government could not yet confirm if the birds had the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain!

It is only preliminary tests that showed the turkeys with H5 bird flu strain. The news of the strain has not only upset 3km protection zone as well as a 10km surveillance zone, but has hugely sent a blow to the farming industry, still struggling with the bluetongue and foot and mouth aliments.

As a measure against the spread of the killer strain, police officers guard the farm entrance and vehicles are being sprayed with a jet hose. With the fear on, the birds still surviving there do not seem to be spared. Approximately 5,000 turkeys, 1,000 ducks and 500 geese will be gassed and put in sealed containers.

It is more than 160,000 birds that were killed after a virulent H5N1 strain outbreak in the farm this February! And, our ‘protectors’ still have a long way to go, perhaps, even on the basis of the preliminary finding!


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