Becoming parent late in life is a boon and not a curse

Parenting is not easy at any age. The happiness of being parents comes with a huge responsibility. The course that your child’s life will take depends on you. A large number of women are choosing to be parents at an advanced age because they want to be sure about their life and settle down before conceiving. They are more mature and can take serious decisions practically. Misconceptions and fears prevent women from planning pregnancy at an advanced age. However, thousands of older parents are raising healthy and happy kids all around the world. Several medical studies have shown that Women can conceive easily even after reaching their 40s.

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Complications during pregnancy are not an issue with older women. In some instances, women well over 35 have given birth to triplets without any medical problem. Older parents are more organized.

They are generally established in life and able to offer a stable homely environment to their children. A healthy woman in her middle ages can raise children better, if compared to an anorexic woman in her mid twenties. We have discussed some benefits of being an older parent in the following.

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Older women are ready for pregnancy:

A child should be welcomed into the world without any regrets in their parents’ hearts. Unwanted pregnancies are common and though the young parents bring up their kids as best as they can, they often regret secretly. At an advanced age, women are more interested in having kids and leaving their imprint in this world.

They have settled down and most likely have a home without too many loans in the market. As they have already achieved fulfillment in their respective careers, they are eager to shower the new born with love and luxury. Older women are able to plan without worrying about funds and they have medical insurance for emergencies. Well-planned pregnancy can ensure a good future for the new born.

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A stable nest for the kids:

Women who conceive in their 40s or late 30s generally have a caring partner or spouse to support them throughout the process. If there is one thing that every kid desires and needs to grow up then it is a good family ambience. A two-parent household is stable than a single parent household, where the kid sees his or her mom dating new guys every week.

Children need to feel secure. A stable household offers the security blanket that protects the kids. Single moms are definitely worthy of respect for tackling so many parental duties alone but the stress they go through affects the kids negatively. Women in their 20s or early 30s go through emotional traumas more often. Immature relationships often end in breakups and divorces leading to a broken and unstable home, unsuitable for the children.

 Financial stability

Financial stability matters:

Women who are in their 40s and had no kids before are likely to be on top of their profession. They have devoted their most fertile years working hard and now they can reap the fruit of that hard work.

Financial stability means that the kids can go to private schools, get better education and go abroad for vacations.

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Confident mom means confident kid:

A woman who is in her 40s is more confident and powerful. This makes her a better and more responsible parent. She is not under any societal pressure to get pregnant and settle down. If she has conceived then it is her own free will to become pregnant. The self seeking, soul searching 20s are not most confident years of a woman. A self-assured woman can raise stronger kids.


If the doctors have given you green signal, then do not stop yourself from becoming a parent even at an advanced age. Parenting at advanced age has several benefits.

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