Common Transvaginal Mesh Problems Women can face

As women age, their vaginal tissues become weak. This would make it hard for the muscles in the area to hold up the internal organs. With time and improper support from the vaginal tissues, these organs would start falling into the vagina, causing several health problems for women.

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As and when this issue starts to occur, women would start feeling a series of symptoms like incontinence, frequent bathroom breaks, vaginal pain, painful sexual intercourse and painful urination, etc. In this case, a doctor would check the strength of the vaginal muscles and recommend a transvaginal mesh implant.

The implant would be placed inside the vagina and would be attached to the vaginal wall. In some cases, the implants would be temporary and would evaporate eventually. In other cases, the implants would be permanent. However, like any other surgical implant, they would cause some issues as well.

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In some cases, the implant may rub against other organs like the bowel or bladder, causing perforations in them. This in turn, can cause swelling and severe bleeding in the other organs, even resulting in death if not treated properly. In other cases, the mesh may fail to hold the organs properly owing to the vaginal wall’s inability to hold the mesh in place.

Women facing transvaginal mesh problems would need to see their doctors right away. While some of these problems could be treated without any issues, some can be potentially fatal and would need immediate medical attention. In the case of perforations in internal organs, the bleeding would start immediately and would not reduce in intensity even after a few days. It would actually become heavier with time.

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Women with transvaginal mesh implants also experience pain while walking, sitting or having sex. You need to consult a doctor right away if the pain worsens. Some women also have trouble in urinating even if they have the urge to use the bathroom. In some cases, the mesh fails to use the internal organs in place; the concerned woman may experience urine incontinence. These conditions would also warrant an immediate visit to the doctor.

A qualified medical professional can handle Transvaginal mesh problems effectively. There is no need to be embarrassed about the problem as it is quite common for a woman with a transvaginal mesh implant to face these issues. There is also the strong possibility that these issues could signal the start of something more serious. So it is considered wise to get in touch with a doctor right away in case one notices at least a few or all of these symptoms.


Women with weak vaginal muscles can opt for transvaginal mesh implants to provide support for their internal organs. However, these implants come with their own share of issues that one would need to be extremely cautious. As such, getting in touch with a medical professional would be the first course of action women would need to adopt in case they notice the symptoms mentioned above.

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