Beauty secrets to follow in the shower

The shower is indeed the best place to think, sing and mediate. This is basically the place to enable your brain to mull everything excluding the work at hand. By mixing common beauty rituals with your morning showers, you can reduce the time span that you generally spend to get ready daily and the time you spend on various weekly beauty treatments. Below is a list of wonderful beauty secrets that you can follow in the shower. These include:

  • As per clinical researchers and dermatologists, you should always take a shower with tepid water, as hot water is likely to strip your skin of the vital oils thereby drying the skin out. This happens when you use hot water and this stays in contact with your skin for a longer period. Thus, take showers for at least 10 minutes, but with lukewarm water to keep your beautiful skin from turning ashy.
  • It is crucial in dabbing some moisturizer in your body post shower dry as obviously you will not want in applying lotion and stepping into your trousers with still-damp skin. Thus to avail the utmost of your moisturizer along with retaining the skin’s natural moisture, it is wise that you apply lotions and hydrating oils within 5 minutes post getting out from the shower. Do this when the bathroom door is closed with the air within the room having high humidity.
  • You can also perform deep hair conditioning once a week in the shower to keep your tresses shiny, strong and hydrated. You can apply a liberal quantity of deep-conditioning product or hair masque to your mane and wait for a few minutes prior to rinsing. Heat from the shower will not only activate the conditioning but also intensify its effect. Complete the remaining of your routine shower while you wait in saving time.
  • Following the showering sequence from the top to the bottom, it thus makes sense that you wash your face post shampooing to prevent the dirt from your tresses or the various ingredients of the shampoo from getting into your clean face.
  • Exfoliating during showering is truly beneficial. This process is generally a natural add-on of cleansing and via incorporating this cleansing step in your shower, you will definitely save time.


Perfecting the showering routine often takes more pain. However, with the help of the shower beauty tricks you can optimize both your time and beauty.

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