Best foods for losing weight effectively

To lose weight effectively and to accelerate the weight loss process, one must couple regular exercise with a healthy diet plan. The food we consume speaks a lot about our body and some foods are more effective in helping maintain the right bodyweight than others. Fast food predominantly is the culprits of the modern-day weight issues and it is important to watch what one eats in order to control their weight successfully.


Healthy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates from whole grain wheat, pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, rolled oats, 100% whole wheat bread, beans, legumes and pulses, fruits and vegetables are rich source of natural carbs that are unprocessed. Hence, they are rich in natural nutrients and fiber that will help in efficiently providing energy rather than store fats.


Healthy Proteins

Unprocessed proteins can be found mostly in skinless chicken breast, pork tenderloin, fish and salmon, lean beef, egg whites, skinless turkey breast, lean beef and low fat cottage cheese. Whey protein powder is also a rich source of lean protein.


Healthy fats

Natural and unsaturated fats are essential for the body. You can find these in adequate quantities in foods containing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocado, flaxseed oil and natural nut butters.


Drink Water

Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses every day to cleanse the body and to aid in burning fats. Avoid sugar loaded drinks like sodas and juices, rather pick a glass of cold or warm water. Water will keep you hydrated during workouts and help in flushing out toxins as well after exercise. Drinking a glass of water before meals will fill your stomach and you can eat less during meal times.


Healthy Options

Opt for low fat dairy products such as skim milk, low fat cheese, low sugar yoghurt, low fat butter etc. Also, avoid caffeine intake and opt for natural sweeteners instead of sugar, such as natural honey, maple syrup and Stevia or Truvia. Avoid consuming excess salt, processed and fried foods.

Spicing up your food with chili powder, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and parsley will assist in the weight loss process since they have natural fat burning effects.


Few Healthy Practices

  • Always keep something healthy to eat ready and accessible. As far as possible, let it be homemade as you can avoid preservatives in food this way.
  • Pack some healthy snacks for your work place to take care of hunger pangs at work
  • Instead of one large meal opt for 5-6 small meals throughout the day to improve metabolism
  • Look for a healthy option in the junk food you are craving


When looking for losing weight naturally and effectively, it is all right to take it easy and have what you like, at least once a week or month, based on the intensity of your weight loss program.

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