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Some beauty care tips to beat your dry skin

Are you bothered with your dry skin? It’s a very common issue for many beauty conscious people these days. Polluted environment, harmful UV rays, and chilly winds during the winter, all these can cause harm to your skin and can make it dry. By breaking it from inside, dry skin makes your face looking absolutely dull. Here, in this article, we are suggesting some easy yet effective beauty care tips to help you beat dry skin.

Tips related to eating or drinking

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To regain an energetic look, you don’t need to spend a good amount of cash or time with some dermatologist or in spas or salons; instead of taking any such external assistance, you can just follow some useful tips at home. Here in this post we will discuss some important tips which can help you gain the same glow on your face.

  1. Salty sustenance

Salty sustenance

Salt always add flavour to our food, but at the same time it dries up our skin as well. In fact, as indicated by the dermatologists, it causes the skin break out. Moreover, excessive use of salt in the food can cause redness and swelling too. Hence, it should be applied to the food but at a moderate level so that it can boost up the taste of the food without causing any harm to the skin.

  1. Foods rich in starches

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When we take any food which is full of starch, it gets converted into glucose after entering our body. More intake of starch on a daily basis shoots up the glucose level which finally hikes up the sugar level of the blood. This even leads to the pre- maturing of the skin. Thus we should avoid food which has starch beyond an allowable level.

  1. Sugar


When we take sugar it joins itself to other amino gatherings of the tissue proteins, which can cause diabetes. Thus, sound collagen filaments present in our body lose their flexibility which ultimately causes wrinkles on our skin.

  1. Oily foods

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Whenever warmed, oil is changed into trans-fats, which is highly perilous to the skin. It creates free radicals that harm the DNA cells present in our body. This can cause skin tumour, wrinkles to the skin. Hence, oil should be avoided as much as possible from the food to get a nourished and a glowing skin.

Some Useful home remedies

Baking Soda Shower

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Using of baking soda while taking a shower can bring a lot of good effect on your skin. Just add one glass of baking soda to a tub of warm water and take a shower for 30 minutes a day. After the shower, it is essential to pat your skin dry with a towel delicately. For better results, you can add water and baking soda in the ratio of 1:3.

Lemon Juice

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Lemon juice can certainly beat your dry skin. In spite of the fact that this sounds somewhat frightening particularly when you apply lemon extracts harshly on your skin; but, if you apply it gently, then certainly it can prove beneficial for dry skin.


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Mixing cereal in water and spreading it on chafed skin can likewise bring a relieving effect. Add 2 measures of colloidal cereal to slightly warm water and you can apply it on your skin. Don’t use extremely hot water, as it can cause more harm instead of nurturing your skin.

Changing the habits

apply water to your skin

Use a humidifier during winter so that it can keep your skin moist during this season. Don’t take bath for more than 5-to 10 mins a day; as more you apply water to your skin, it hampers the slick layer of it and thus makes it dry. Also you should not use hot boiling water; instead, always use Luke warm water as hot water takes away essential oils from the body.

Don’t apply too much of cleansers; if required, use saturating arrangements, for example, Dove, Olay, and Premise, or consider cleanser free chemicals like Cetaphil, Oilatum-Promotion, and Aquanil. Avoid antiperspirant cleansers, perfumed cleansers, and liquor items, which can strip away the essential oils from your body.

Last but not least, always avoid using shower wipes on your skin as it keeps a mark on it. For the same reason, pat or smear (don’t rub) the skin gently when towelling dry.

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